About Valan Kam

Valan Kam is a psychiatric nurse practitioner from Las Vegas, NV. She graduated from Gonzaga University with her master’s in 2019 and has been practicing as an APRN ever since with experience with all ages ranging from 7 and on. She found her passion in mental health after doing her rotations at an inpatient psychiatric hospital and ended up working there right after graduation as a registered nurse before going back to school and getting her master’s. She has a passion for mental health and for her community, and she feels that she can bring a positive light to the continuing stigma that surrounds mental health today in her community. She enjoys seeing all ages and doesn’t specialize in just one disorder, she has experience with all disorders and appropriately treats each client accordingly. She is a huge advocate in having the patient participate in treatment and believes it’s all about active listening and making sure the client is heard.