About Jenhon Hendrix

Jenhon Hendrix is the first Student Intern for The Parkey Group LLC. We are so excited to introduce her and have her join our community! She will be offering services at a reduced cost to the community and will be offering weekend appointments!
As the owner of The Parkey Group, I am SO excited to have her as a part of my team!
Rebecca Parkey, LMFT

Jenhon Hendrix earned her BA in psychology from Northwest University in Washington state in 2020 and is now working on her master’s degree at Christian Colorado University, a CACREP accredited university for clinical mental health counseling and as a second-year student is working on her internship at the Parkey Group. She also just became a licensed minister here in Nevada this past year. Jenhon is an honored mom of a teenage daughter and son. She has been living in Nevada for over 17 years and grew up mostly in California. Jenhon has always wanted to help individuals become mentally healthy and whole to have successful relationships and have productive lives, since her early adulthood. She has the heart to help restore those suffering from a variety of areas. She would like to focus on some areas, including cognitive behavioral therapy, Christian counseling, trauma, oppression, multicultural and premarital counseling. Jenhon looks forward to helping individuals gain deliverance from the distress that they are facing in their lives.


• Member of the American Counseling Association (ACA).
• Member of the association for spiritual, ethical, and religious values in counseling (ASERVIC).
• Member of the Chi Sigma Lota, Kappa Chi Upsilon Chapter at Colorado Christian University.