About Gregory Lyons

Gregory Lyons is a Clinical Professional Counselor Post Graduate Intern. He has been a practicing therapist for a few years in the Las Vegas valley and has had the privilege of working with many different people, sharing their experiences and assisting them in propagating mindfulness and coping skills towards engaging positive behavioral practices. He has experience in practicing most of the widely used modalities in psychotherapy; CBT, DBT, and Strategic and Structural therapies. Some of the modalities he enjoys practicing include Gestalt, Creative Arts, and Holistic therapies. This enables him to apply a wide brushstroke of therapeutic approaches to help his clients. Gregory is an art therapist who uses many forms of artistic approaches when working with his clients.

Greg has been painting, drawing, sculpting, and expressing himself creatively since he was eight years old, and he feels his creativity is the most important thing about him. Even as a therapist, he uses it every day to navigate and investigate his clients’ behavioral practices, with the hopes of helping them change and move forward.