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Rebecca (Becky) Parkey is a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Becky has been married to her husband since June of 2005, and together they have a daughter.  They love to travel, and have moved from Missouri to Alaska to Nevada.

Becky is the Owner and CEO of The Parkey Group. As of the middle of 2022 Becky has grown her practice of 1 she began in September of 2020 to a group practice with, an administrative assistant, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and multiple therapists on staff. Additionally, The Parkey Group is adding insurance billing to the services once approval has been gained from insurance panels. It is so important to Becky that all of the clients served in her practice feel as though they are receiving individualized, specialized treatment. Each person is special, and each person matters. At The Parkey Group, we care about the whole person and each individual need that each person has.  We use a team approach to ensure that each client has the individualized care that works best for them by having group meetings that allows for training and collaboration with experienced practitioners as well as medication management when requested. This has been Becky’s dream since the beginning and she is so excited to be a part of the Las Vegas small business community!

Becky received her Master’s Degree from Friends University in Kansas, where she later went on to teach Adjunct courses and was a student intern supervisor.  During the first 5 years of her career she served in the role of family therapist and liaison with children who had been reported for abuse and neglect.

During her next phase in her career, she moved on to work for the Kansas City Department of Veterans Affairs.  Here is where she found one of her passions.  She loved working with veterans and their family members.  She did individual, couple, and family therapy.  She was able to learn and become certified in six evidence based therapies ranging from multiple trauma treatments, to treatments for the whole family, to domestic violence treatment for perpetrators.  Each one of these evidence based therapies have shaped how she worked with adults, children, couples, and families.

After approximately 5 years of working in this position as well as concurrently teaching as an adjunct professor and supervising students, Becky decided that it was time to take her career and her life journey to the next level, so she and her Husband and daughter moved to Alaska.  She became a Supervisor over a clinic in Juneau, Alaska.  Approximately 2 short months after moving there, she was promoted to Clinical Program Manager, with it adding 3 additional clinics across Southeast Alaska to supervise. In this role Becky has conducted trainings, been the trainer for the behavioral health department, as well as created an on-boarding program for new-hire employees.  

In May of 2020 Becky moved with her family to Las Vegas and decided after a very short while that she wanted to make her dream come true and open a private practice during one of the most dangerous times to take a chance, during the pandemic. So Becky and her husband took a chance and she opened her doors and rented a space in Summerlin, NV. It didn’t take long, with hard work and motivation Becky began to grow her business and not a year later she was able to add a student. She continued to work hard and was able to hire more staff. Life has continued to gain momentum for The Parkey Group and Becky is so thankful for her team and for God and her clients who continue to refer to her and believe in her! Time for the next phase, soon we will be moving to an office suite all our own!


  • I am a Clinical Fellow with the AAMFT
  • I am a Clinical Supervisor with the AAMFT
  • I am a Clinical Supervisor with the State of Nevada
  • I am a Clinical Supervisor with the State of Alaska
  • I am an LPC Clinical Supervisor with the State of Alaska


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Information About Our Office

The goal of The Parkey Group is to provide a safe, calm space for you to come for a variety of reasons or concerns. When you walk into the office you will be greeted by our receptionist who will take down your information, verify your insurance or payment method, as well as collect your co-pay and inform your therapist or medication manager.

We are so excited you chose to give our practitioners a chance. We are here to serve the community and ensure the best possible care.

We are now in our permanent location off Sahara and Rainbow at Marbaya Plaza in a beautiful office suite where we can continue to grow.