Medication Services

We are happy to announce we now offer medication management services at The Parkey Group.

Medication treatment is for all ages starting at 7 years of age to well into adulthood. Medication can be scary for some, and that’s why the provider makes sure you have all the information after your initial evaluation prior to making the decision to start medication. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner believes that the patient should be actively involved in the treatment planning to help make the client comfortable in determining whether medication is right for the client.

We are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding medication treatment. It is shown by evidence that medication in combination with therapy is shown to be the most effective; however, it is not for everyone or for every case. Therapy or medication alone can be the best treatment depending on the individual. Every evaluation and treatment plan is individualized accordingly to the patient’s needs.

Here at The Parkey Group, we want to make sure you, as the client, feel secure and comfortable when choosing what is the best treatment route for you.