About Shenita Haynes

Shenita Haynes is a devoted and compassionate student counselor who will graduate with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. With over two decades of combined experience in physical therapy and nursing, Shenita brings a unique holistic approach with a wealth of medical knowledge in areas of chronic pain and physical disorders that can impact aspects of mental health.

As a female veteran, Shenita has served as an ARMY nurse (91WM6). Her military background and deployment to a combat zone have helped her develop a trauma-informed approach and a deep understanding of crisis intervention, resilience, and the unique challenges faced by veterans, active-duty service members, and other professionals in high-stress jobs. Shenita’s experience in high-stress environments has honed her ability to remain calm under pressure and provide empathetic, effective support to those in need with an authentic understanding.

Shenita is dedicated to fostering therapeutic relationships and employs evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to create personalized treatment plans. She is also committed to providing culturally sensitive care, ensuring that her services are respectful and align with her clients’ diverse backgrounds.

Outside of her professional life, Shenita enjoys spending time with her family, including her Husky, engaging in outdoor activities, and exploring new wellness practices. Her holistic approach to well-being is reflected in her dedication to her personal and professional pursuits, making her a trusted and reliable partner in her clients’ mental health journey.